Sizes For Your Quilts


I am forever double checking the size of a quilt when I am looking at a new pattern. I want to be sure that any design I make falls within a common quilt size or what do I need to add so it will fall within those sizes. Check out this long list of sizes for everything from placemats up to a king waterbed! I have a postcard from Pink Chalk Fabrics hung right above my sewing machine because they print some common sizes of quilts and this long list is a great compliment to that list for me, I hope you can use it too.

Free December Marketing Plan


That needs to say – to read and to implement.

The holidays are a big time for those that are running small craft and handmade businesses and Crissy at Indie Biz Chicks as you covered! She has a free marketing plan for December that includes social media updates, blog post ideas, and a pre-written newsletter. Get started now planning your December, and don’t wait because the marketing plan is only free until the end of the month! Don’t wait until the last minute and try to catch up, get ready now.

Free December Marketing Plan

Felt Snowflake Ornament


It’s only November. It’s not that cold out. It doesn’t snow here. But I’m going to do it anyway.

Go make this felt ornament tutorial. Yes, I said ornament! I love Christmas and am excited for all that we have planned here – the Christmas market is starting to go up, the street decorations are up, the stores have ornaments and decorations out, and the schools sent home a reminder that they will be selling trees as a fundraiser. We’ve never had a live tree as a family, and I’m okay with that. I love the tree that we have. I am looking forward to a lot of handmade ornaments this year because we just don’t have a lot of ornaments. We are also going to be having a cookie decorating party, maybe an ornament making party, and we are going to make lots of cookies to give to our friends.

Minecraft Creeper Shirt


My kids *love* Minecraft. They could play for hours, but I make them stop. Even the four year old loves it. I’ve been thinking of a pixel quilt I want to make and since all of Minecraft is pixels, it won’t be that hard to do. The only thing I need to do now is figure out my plan – mutiple blocks or one large image? If it’s multiple blocks then how many – 9, 12, what about 4 oversized blocks? I’m thinking 12 for my oldest son and 4 for the youngest son. I’m not sure I have enough solid fabric though, so that might be an issue to completing the quilt soon.

Here are some instructions to make a minecraft creeper t-shirt that you can make in four steps. Making something like this will make your kids happy while you figure out how many blocks to make for your minecraft quilt.

String Quilt Block Tutorial


I love fabric selvedges. That sounds crazy right? The selvedge is that tightly woven edge of the fabric that you trim off and throw away. But no, I love them. I love the little symbols along the edge, filled with the color of the fabric. If the selvedge has information on it, that will usually be the name of the fabric line, the name of the designer, the company, maybe the year, and the icons filled with color. I have a small IKEA trashcan stuffed full of selvedges just waiting for the perfect project!


Sometimes the perfect project includes laying in them on the floor. šŸ™‚

I am part of an online bee in which we each make blocks for someone different each month. My month isn’t until the spring but I think I am going to have my partners make me a selvedge string block. I sketched out a design and the picture above shows just how much fabric I have for this project! Check out the string quilt block tutorial over at Film In The Fridge – I’ve done this before actually, it’s very easy. Have fun!

Sew HSTs without marking fabric


There are a few things that I love having when I am sewing, a few things that I am so glad were invented! The Clearly Perfect Angles sheet is one of those things and this is something I hope you get for yourself and learn how to use.


This is a clingy sheet that you cut a small rectangle out of where the feed dogs will be, and you lay it on your machine. It will stick to the machine, so it won’t move, and you can sew half square triangles without marking your fabric! See the black and green lines down the center, that is what you line your fabric up with.There are 1/4″ and 3/8″ seam guides, and you can start sewing from the moment you lay this down on your sewing machine. This is shown on my machine and it hangs over the edges a little, I just press them down and the material clings to my machine. Nothing interferes with my sewing at all.