Almost forgot about the ending of Alice’s BIrthday! After the aquarium we grabbed food and came home to watch a movie. The plan was to watch Beauty and the Beast while she was wearing her Belle dress. I don’t remember where we got it but it was from a friend I think. She has a few dress up clothes and included were a couple of the princess dresses. The Belle one is a little bit big on here but she loves to wear it. So dinner and dress up it was! After starting the movie she and Jake laid on the floor on pillows and covered up – and almost fell asleep. We had a long day so it’s understandable they were tired.

I love her quirkiness.

She laid out her plan of what we would do that day and we did it all. No cake and no unwrapping of presents and her day was “the best” – does that rock or what!

30 Was Yesterday

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I managed to stay offline for most of it – that felt good. I do have my new BlackBerry so I wasn’t completely disconnected! I had a really good day.

The highlight wasn’t crafting, it wasn’t reading or going somewhere. The highlight was my nap. For some reason in the middle of the afternoon I was exhausted. All the kids were laying down so I did too. I figure hey a twenty minute nap might be good! Two hours later I wake up to find all the kids woke up before me. I bundled them into the car and we went to get dinner supplies. Okay really we went to get cake mix because I wanted cupcakes. Once we got to the store I decided to make chili. Yum!

So I could show you that I shopped for cake mix

and then a picture of the yummy cupcake!

But that would be kind of mean wouldn’t it. šŸ˜‰

I still have a lot left if you want to stop by. I was going to make 30 but only ended up with 28. I could have made 29, but I don’t think 30. Ah well. We didn’t have candles though the kids wanted to get numbers.

My brother got me a bluetooth headset – he said he doesn’t want me having to grab the phone when I’m on the drive to Texas (a post about Texas soon) –

and I won AirDrives kids earphones from A Mom’s Review contest – and they arrived yesterday! Fun timing.

My Mom sent me a beautiful horse pin

and a book This Life She’s Chosen – signed by the author!

My Dad is looking for a phone cradle – never having heard of what that is, my brother explained it is a holder for your phone that (his did this anyway) attached to the vent. So it just sits there while you drive! Very cool.

Both of my brothers have this weekend off so I think we will have a cookout. The weather has been nice here, sure we have some rain, but overall good.

I’ve been lucky, I’ve always had great birthdays. Today I am 30 and a day (technically not until the middle of the afternoon) and it is just as good as yesterday.