Joining the Pincushion Challenge

What’s one more challenge right? 😉

I’m joining the pincushion challenge! I’m excited – the only pincushion I have is one that Helen sent me in our swap, and the one that is on top of my sewing box.

The pictures from past challenges are so beautiful! I remember pincushions – my Mom’s was a tomato and it had a long’ish green stem, but the stem connected to a small red thing. It wasn’t another tomato, it was sort of the shape of a strawberry if I remember right. But my Mom had that same pincushion for years – I know since I was a little kid and I’m pretty sure she still has it. That’s a long time to have a pincushion!

The them for August and September for the pincushion challege is

I immediately thought of the box or two of baby clothes I have packed away in my garage. I’m sure one box is stuff that I really want to keep – but I know there are some in the other box that, for lack of better term, aren’t that special to keep.

~ Sidenote on baby clothes: I have a brown dress with light flowers that was mine when I was a baby. My Mom saved it all these years (I just turned 28 back in June) and gave it to me not too long ago. My daughter was too big to wear it, so maybe my grand daughter will. I digress – my Mom saved the dress because back then she said everything for little girls was pastel. And that was one of the first, if not the first, store bought dress she saw that wasn’t. (We lived in a really small town, so maybe that was also part of it?) And so I have a hard time keeping an outfit or something because I bought it as a mass produced store like Target. End sidenote. ~

And so this week while I go through the clothes, I am going to see if there are a couple of items that would make lovely pincushions. I’m thinking I’ll make one for myself and one for my Mom. It’s about time to retire hers I’m sure.

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