Why I Love Project Spectrum

I have always felt I had an eye for color. Maybe not for picking out my own makeup LOL (I’ve always needed help there!) but for putting color together for a project, beadwork or blanket. I’ve been doing beadwork since I was about 11 years old when my Grandma taught me. She showed me how to use a loom. I fell in love with beadwork and all it entailed – from the actual art of it to the picking out of beads, needles and such. I collected beads for projects I saw in my mind and to this day have a huge collection of seed beads. I’ll use them someday….

But participating in Project Spectrum has brought me back to that time when I was confident in my color choice. I’ve only been a part for a few months now and realize I notice more. At the beginning of each month, I go around my house and look for the specific color, seeing things that have always been there but I never looked at in such a way.

Joining this group has taken me back to a time when I first began crafting. Now I look at an object and think of what I can make or find that will compliment it. Maybe it doens’t need an extra thing next to it, but the idea that one color will automatically make you think of something to make.

I am lucky enough to have a room in our house for my crafts (and my office). I am an avid stamper, sew’er and in general crafter. I found the stencil t-shirts over at angrychicken‘s blog. I know I have found other blogs of inspiration, but there are so many.

Another place I find inspiration is listening to podcasts. There are a lot of crafty podcasts out there and they interview other crafters, do a craft during the show and talk about what they are crafting. One thing I am sort of surprised about it how many people knit! When I went looking for craft blogs, at least half (probably more!) were about knitting! Even the woman who thought of PS ColorSwap was knitting in her mother’s womb. I haven’t tried knitting….yet. I keep checking out these craft blogs though and it is oh so tempting. Just last night I said to myself – maybe I’ll start knitting and I’ll only ever make socks. That could be cool. – can you believe that! Trying to add a new addiction!

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