Pictures of Fleece Tie Blanket

First I always cut off the edges – with a print it is because the edge is white, and with a solid it is because the edge is tighter woven and that is just a preference of mine to cut it off.

Then I lay the smallest piece on top of the largest, so I can match them up and cut away the excess.

I never used to cut a square away in the corner, but after doing a few blankets with diagonal cuts I realize cutting the square makes a cleaner corner.

Then cut the fringe – I always do a what feels like a natural cut with my scissors – then it is just one cut versus a couple of short ones. Plus I like this length – not too short it can’t be tied and not too long.

Here is a shot of the fringe tied.

I finished one side yesterday and will have another side done tonight. It doesn’t take too long to cut and tie so these are quick and easy gifts to make. I bought a lot of solid pieces on the Friday after Thanksgiving a few years ago and am finally using them!


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