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Another Camera Down

Last week I was taking pictures of projects and the swap I posted about yesterday and in a moment it all changed – I dropped my camera on the floor. The floor that is just tile on top of cement (it’s the kitchen floor). When I picked it up, I noticed a small rattle and after gently shaking it, the batteries moved.

Now when I turn the camera on I have to set the date and time. And if I give the camera to the kids to take a picture of me, it either turns off of the screen gets a bunch of lines on it and won’t take a picture.

So now what. Now I have to figure out a new camera to buy. And of course this happens when the kids are in soccer and I want/need pictures of them playing! Plus with the move I’d like some pictures of this place, not that many but a few.

I’ve asked a couple of friends what they use – I’d like a DSLR but not right now. Right now I want (need!) a point and click camera. I want one that will focus quickly/easily and works well indoors. With the camera I was using, there were many, many times it wouldn’t focus. I’d push the button half down and it would beep madly at me and I’d have to try again. You just can’t have that when you want to take pictures of kids that move all the time!

What is your recommendation? I also need a camera for Chris to take with him and we’ll either buy two of the same or two different, whatever works.

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