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Eight Things In 08

Have I mentioned that I am so happy it is a new year? The past couple of years have been freaking hard for us. Hard professionally, personally, emotionally and everything in between. I’m ready for a different year that’s for sure. I saw that my friend Andrea had posted 8 things that happened in 2008 and I thought that was a good way to look back on things.

1. We spent six months away from Chris (more if you count the schools he attended once we got in the same area as him) but during those months, he graduated from Officer Candidate School and is now an officer in the military.


OCS Graduate, May 2008

2. The kids and I lived with my Dad and watched my nephews for almost three months. Then two of them (nephews) came with us to Texas for a few weeks. I miss the boys so much! Being away from family is really hard.


My Dad, Alice, and Jake feeding the horses

3. My relationship with my brothers is so different now – different in a really good way. We’ve always been a close family but I feel like since I got to live there and be around them, it is so much better. And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t too bossy when I was there either.


Bro leading kids around – I titled this “follow the leader”

4. My Grandma died in August. I know I am lucky to have had her in my life for as long as I did, and I am grateful that she went quickly and with no pain. I know she is in a better place now, even though my heart is still broken.


Grandma, picture taken in May 2005

5. We moved to Texas. We don’t love it here and will be moving sometime in ’09.

6. I’ve kept homeschooling the kids. I homeschool for a wide variety of reasons but the more days and months that go by, the more I really love homeschooling them! Homeschooling in Texas has been really great.

7. I turned 30! I love being 30 for no one reason. I had a good birthday even if I did have to make my own cake.

8. We survived! Yes surviving is a thing that can happen! We spent time moving, staying with relatives, moving again, watching my nephews (there were some days that were flat wild as can be!), moving again, visiting people, my Grandma dying, a year since George died, crazy work stuff, crazy weather (two hurricanes, maybe three – worse humidity then SC) and so much more.

I look forward to what the upcoming year will bring! The first week has been good – I’ve finished projects, hung out with the kids, talked to my family, hung out with friends, read a couple of books, worked online, cleaned, organized and am happy. Chris had a vacation which was nice for all of us. We got a lot done around the house – we are almost able to park in the garage! – while he was home. I’ve picked my word (or phrase in my case) for the year and will share that soon. I feel like I’m starting out the year so great, it will stay great throughout.


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