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2009-01-31 Tara and Shan's arrival (06)
Creative Commons License photo credit: juverna

We got a Penske truck the last time we moved and will never use another company again! They are that good and their trucks are so much nicer.

I feel like I’ve been packing and nothing else! I resolved to do no sewing (other then on Chris’ uniforms) until we are out of housing. Well I only have a few more days to wait! I have my work cut out for me once we get to the hotel too – I have to finish one of the secret projects, though the one I’m giving to my DH doesn’t necessarily have to be finished, I can finish it later. The other, yeah that has to be done!

Our travel plans! I’m happy with them. We still have to get the moving truck, load it, clean the house when that’s done, etc. It’s hard to get too excited when you have to finish packing and then clean a house! We did decide that the kids and I would go to South Dakota for a quick visit and then on to Montana.

I called my Aunt and Uncle to tell them we’d be coming through and we will be staying with them once we get that way. I’m undecided as to how many days I’ll stay in the area – sure I have my entire family (minus Mom, Dad, brothers & their families) there, but my Grandma isn’t. Of course things would change once she died, but it is all just so different now. My Aunt tried saying I need to stop and stay for a bit, and I agree on stopping but not the staying. I’d much rather go see my Dad and brothers – and all the nephews, which includes a five month old! (He’s so chubby, he looks just like my brother when he was a baby.)

So we leave housing this weekend, we leave TX next week, we’ll leave Montana a couple of weeks after that and then we’ll have a fantastic family vacation. We wanted to plan our vacation but just haven’t had time!

I just realized we’ll be hitting just about every western state there is. Maybe we should try to hit those other few too? Haha


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