Falling Arrows – Bloggers Quilt Festival

This is my first time entering Bloggers Quilt Festival, so welcome!

Falling Arrows

I struggle with naming quilts, but I settled on Falling Arrows for this one. I picture a group of Native people off to the far side, bows aimed high, letting arrows go at the same time and here is where they are landing. Every quilt has a story, that one belongs to this quilt!

Pattern: Lap of Luxe from Quilt Dad

Fabric: Dreaming in French plus some solids. Sidenote: Instagram is an awesome place to grab fabric. I got all of the Dreaming in French from someone destashing on instagram.

Size: 51 X 63

Quilted by: Me – I did a curvy zig zag and quilted diagonal lines across the quilt, using Gutterman light grey thread.

Falling Arrows

I pieced the back using the leftover fabric, my favorite way to do backings!



  1. Regina Mayer-Eastman says

    Unique design, very colorful and inspiring. Reminds me of a quilt I’ve seen that was made by a grandma I knew.

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