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Whew, what a year this has been.

Yesterday marked the end of my last semester for my undergraduate degree. *big deep breath out* I actually turned in my last final on Friday and I felt so emotional! It has taken me a long time to get this degree and I am just thrilled. I didn’t think I would be as emotional as I was, I cried moments after turning the paper in. My official graduation date is at the end of August, finally.

I finished the baby quilt I posted previously! This is a pattern from the Little Bits Quilting Bee book and is so easy. I pieced the back using leftover fabric, including the triangles that, if I followed the pattern, would have made a border. I quilted echo lines around the chevrons. The quilting is my favorite part about this one, the baby’s room’s decor is grey and white and chevrons. I thought oh I’m just going to quilt lines echoing the design – instant chevrons!

Blog July 8

Blog July 8

Forgive the blurry pic, my son jumped behind the quilt and moved it while I was taking a picture.

We have had many people visit us so we are frequent aquarium visitors. The kids favorite thing to do is pretend to be a sea anemone.

Blog July 8

And I love turtles so here is a baby.

Blog July 8

I recently got a bike and we have been trying to ride daily, or at least several times a week. Riding a bike is a calorie burner! I love it. My husband is thinking he may be able to commute by bike at his next job, so we are researching extras like bags and a different stroller to pull the baby in.

Blog July 8

I thought I would have so much free time now that my semester is over, but I spent today running errands and on the phone. I am getting a lot done though. I won’t be riding bike this evening, but the rest of the week I will be able to! I am now on a prepare to move (again), figure out what to put in storage, sew, sew, sew mission.


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    Congrats on the Degree! Traveling by bike in Europe is so much better than car in some towns the cars barely fit down the streets 🙂

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    Hi Tsoniki!! Congrats on your degree! I don’t know how you did it with having kids, moving and staying creative on top of it! You are remarkable!! Love the quilt!xxooo

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