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Quilty Bucket List

So many amazing fabrics, so many fun patterns, and of course not enough time to make everything!

My Quilty Bucket List could be crazy long. I narrowed it down to seven patterns/quilts that I want to make. I have written a to-do list that is crazy long, so this is like in the next four years I want to do these, versus in the next year.

1. Dear Jane – Farmer’s wife – I have the Farmer’s Wife book and even picked out fabric to use on my own. But I didn’t feel the rush to start it right away. I didn’t even feel a connection some people say they have. I grew up in South Dakota, around ranchers and such, but I don’t have that tie to the history of the farmer. I do have a pattern for something like this of my own. I have a few blocks sketched out, so maybe my creation will be all my own. I also like the Dear Jane history, the curiosity of someone who goes for more information about the quilt. I love that idea. This is one of my favorites I’ve seen of the Dear Jane –

DearJaneEQThis is from the EQ Blog, I didn’t realize EQ sells Dear Jane software! I would definitely buy that if I were going to make the quilt. It’s an investment, but so is the quilt. I love the white background and the bright borders that frame the blocks.

2. Gypsy Wife – I can’t really explain why I love this, but I do. I have some fabric in mind but I don’t even have the pattern yet!


3. Mario Quilt – I loved this pixelated quilt when the QAL started! I have all of the fabric and materials and just need to get started.

mario quilt

4. Ticker Tape – I have all of the instructions for this saved and I am sure I have enough scraps to make a quilt. I think what has stopped me from getting started is the organization side of things. I need to sort my scraps and pick pieces out. Maybe this is one the kids can help with!

Bottled Rainbows {the button}

5. Hex On The Beach – I love this quilt. I love the idea of making a hexagon quilt. I say idea… I’ve made a lot of hexagons for other projects but not an entire quilt. I have this one started and after seeing this one that is finished, I can’t wait.

6. Dancing Stars - Another QAL! Maybe if I would start them when I find them, or when they start, I’d have these finished already. I have the background … but that’s it. I need to print some of the papers so I can at least get started. I decided to do a queen size quilt, which I think is why I haven’t started. I think I will work on this one next, I am great at breaking down quilting into steps and this is just one of those times I need to just do it.

7. After thinking about it – I think I’m leaving number 7 open. These quilts are among my favorite and I either have the fabric picked out, have the quilt already started. A bucket list is something to be a long crazy list of things to be accomplished at a certain date. I am a list maker but I haven’t thought about it in the quilt sense. I think I will work on progressing forward with this list – buying the pattern, cutting the fabric.

The Tilted Quilt

4 comments to Quilty Bucket List

  • I also have Ticket Tape on the list BUT recently sorted my scraps (and blogged it).

    It was a good two weeks, but I also worked and did other things and sewed up another quilt while sorting. (oops).

    But I have a bag of snippets for a ticker tape!

  • I love your list – especially the Dear Jane. I’m with you, I’m going to invest in the EQ software once they migrate over to Mac, and it is a big commitment!! Thanks so much for linking up with us this month!

  • our lists are very similar, except mine is more ridiculously long!

  • So many awesome quilts! I love that Dear jane, and Gypsy wife is on mine too. The more I read, the more I want to make