050: Tsoniki Crazy Bull: Catching Up!

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Welcome to episode 050 of the Me Being Crafty podcast, where we explore creativity in your life.

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In this episode I am giving you an update on me! I had tech difficulties, and we had friends visiting, and the end of the school year, and a quilt for a teacher.


Technical issues = no internet. And just when I had an interview scheduled! But things move slowly’ish here, so it took a couple of days to fix, during which I read a lot.

I highly recommend the 11.22.63 book! So great!

We had friends visit, and we have another friend coming to visit soon! We are so thrilled to have people visit us here and it’s just a great time when we have visitors. We had a full, busy weekend when our friends were here that left us all tired.

I finished a quilt for JW’s teacher:

Preschool Teacher Quilt

And as this is posting, and as you are listening, we are on our camping vacation!

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Listen to episode 050 and let me know how your summer is going!

Leave me a comment and let me know how you were creative today. Me, I’m on my camping trip as this posts and all I took with me is some beadwork and embroidery. No sewing!


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      Thank you for adding me to the list Nonnie! And good luck finishing your painting, I know that can feel like it takes a really long time sometimes!

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