After Two Weeks

I need to unplug. I need to get away. I love the internet.

Things we’ve all said or had someone tell us. For the past few years we’ve gone on vacation to a place that has little to no cell phone or wifi service. We are sure to download books to the Kindle so we have something to read, and we update our favorite game apps before we go. And then we just enjoy the time.

This year the taxi driver mentioned that us being at the campsite for one week was not enough, many people stay for ten days or two weeks as just a minimum. Maybe in the future we will have this option, but for now one week swimming and enjoying the sun has been enough for us.

After two weeks away from home, with limited wifi during the week in various cities, we all come home refreshed, maybe a little happier. We’ve all read a handful (or more) of books, and enjoy our new magnets. It’s difficult to live in Europe sometimes, the disconnect that happens with family and friends in the US isn’t something easily solved. But getting away and being able to just be present in the space we are in is a good thing.


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