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Links this week for – Three things to think about when you are interested in learning a new skill. It isn’t always just practice, practice! And two how-to’s: How to review a craft book – This is a good write up that will guide you if you are interested in reviewing craft books. Reviewing a […]

Flash Sale – Craftsy

I’ve spent the week sick and taking care of sick kids. The days blended into each other, I didn’t publish my podcast, and we had doctors come to the house twice. We are finally, finally, on the mend. I’m not sure if all of us have ever been sick at the same time, so this […]

Found This Week

Rachel has fantastic tips for you on how to feel confident behind the camera. This is a great list for those of us that are sewing clothing and want to share pictures of us wearing those clothes! Heck, it’s a nice thing to read for when you are taking that next profile picture. A lined […]

Craft Gift Ideas


7 Fantastic Online Fabric Shops

I try very hard to support small and local businesses. I buy fabric online from a few places that I love and wanted to share in case you are looking for a new to you fabric shop! I love these shops and they all have great customer service and quick shipping methods. The Intrepid Thread! […]

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infinity scarf

Make an Infinity Scarf

I used quilting cotton to make an infinity scarf and it came together very quickly. You don’t even need two separate fabrics if you don’t want to use separate ones. I also have some knit fabric to use so I can make a few scarves, but I have a hard time with knit. I need […]


CraftSanity Magazine Sale

You don’t want to miss this – Jennifer over at Craft Sanity is having a sale on the print and PDF versions of the CraftSanity Magazine. I love this, I didn’t realize that I needed a couple of the editions so I bought them. Jennifer’s magazine is beautiful, full of really great stories and interviews, […]


Leather Card Holder Tutorials

I really love the phone cases that we have found here* because they have a small slim wallet area to hold a few things. Not a lot fits in the space, but for my kids it’s enough for their bus and lunch cards. That is great for me because despite knowing where their phones are […]


Scrappy Flying Geese

Ohhh this is such a good idea! I love being able to use up scraps (I started over with my scraps after I gave away an entire luggage full of scraps to the parent group at school) and flying geese are so fun to work with. Look at this tutorial that Heather over at House […]

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