August 17, 2010

Crafty Portland

After the baby shower I attended last weekend, I was able to spend a few hours exploring Portland! First off I emailed Sister Diane over at […]
August 16, 2010

Anchor Baby Quilt

Last weekend I attended a baby shower for a friend of mine, she and her husband are expecting their first child in a few months. They […]
August 3, 2010

Sea Sow USA

Interested in seeing a new etsy shop? Sea Sow USA is a new shop by my friend Angela! Her husband is also in the Navy and […]
August 2, 2010

Quilt for Auction

This spring my Mom mentioned she might like to make a quilt for the NWIC T’laneq – which roughly translates to A Celebration. It’s an annual […]
August 1, 2010


Pholph’s Scrabble Generator My Scrabble© Score is: 11. What is your score? Get it here.
July 30, 2010

A Collection of To-Do’s

Not having my own computer makes my collection of what I want to do just grow and grow. Now I have a laptop and have been […]
July 29, 2010

Feeding A Baby

JW was a big baby when he was born (8 lbs 13 oz) and then lost a lot of weight (2 pounds) because I wasn’t able […]
July 28, 2010

My Brother

I’m so proud of my brother that is two years younger then me. He’s a single Dad of four boys (talk about a wild house!) and […]
July 27, 2010

When I Moved Out

When I moved out of my Mom’s house, I was 17 years old. And before anyone says wow you are lucky or wow that was really […]