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Baby Food Jar Advent Calendar

I love Advent Calendars. The problem with my love of advent calendars is my inaction when it comes to making my own for us to enjoy. I recently was able to join Pinterest and of course I started an Advent Calendars board!

Over the weekend I had the idea to make a calendar using some baby food jars. JW is 10 months old now so I have a lot of empty jars, but if you don’t have any and would like to make this I’m sure you could easily find some from a friend with a baby.

Baby Food Jar Advent Calendar

To make a baby food jar advent calendar you need the following:

24 baby food jars
Scrapbook or construction paper or cardstock
Paper punch or scissors
Numbers stamps
Glue and tape

I was happy to discover that the light blue marvy punch is the same size as the lid of a baby food jar! Punch 24 different colored circles out, then stamp the numbers 1-24 on them. You don’t need to use very much glue on the lids, if you do the paper may get wavy and the glue could soak through. I cut the paper around the jars about 1/4-1/2 inch larger, so there is very little overlap. I don’t have the same size jars so on a few of them, the overlap is larger then others. The important thing is to cover the jar entirely.

I filled the jars with something different each day – jelly beans, gummy bears, chocolate kisses and in a couple of them I put some change. The jars are larger then a lot of other calendars, so they will take up space. I am still looking for a place to display them that will be away from tiny baby hands!


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