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Snow Week Quilt – WIP Wednesday

What does a person do when they have a snow day? If that person is me, they sew. And if you get another snow day, they keep sewing. And then it looks like the snow and ice are there to stay until the rain comes to wash it all away and we ended up with a snow week!

This post is late. The snow I am speaking of is the snowmageddon everyone in Seattle was talking about in January. I’m north of there a couple of hours and we got a week off of work and school, and then Friday night that week the rain came and we haven’t seen snow since!

I am thrilled to say I finished an entire quilt during my snowed in time! I just mentioned this and shared my fabric choices when I posted my first WIP of 2012. I stayed off the computer and really enjoyed sewing and watching tv. I am kind of shocked, in a pleasant way, that I was able to finish this! I thought this would be the quilt along I worked on throughout the year (like last year). I’ve been steadily busy around the house and with my outside the house job so I love that I finished a quilt so fast. I loved being able to take advantage of this time to not read (for school), not have to write, not have to study, and just sewed and quilted! It was awesome.

Since I didn’t have charm packs, I had to cut fabric into squares first. Not a big deal, I own this fringe ruler which made the time go a little faster. A few years ago I learned how to stack fabric and cut four pieces at a time, so that also helps.I decided to chain piece since the process would go quickly.

Chain piecing always looks pretty.

As boring as it can be, squaring up your blocks really does make a difference. Sometimes I skip this step, in this case I did not. And to show how hard it can be for quilters to throw material away, I saved the strings for my Mom who will use them in a landscape quilt she is planning!

I have to admit that along with cutting the fabric, I enjoy the ironing. Everything ends up crisp and neat.

One block!

The quilt!

This is laying outside on my back patio. I used one of the patterns from the original quilt along blog post and I love it. I need to add borders. I wanted to add white but could not fight the white on white print I used anywhere in town, so I grabbed two batiks instead.

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